“If you’re not a musical person, and you think you can’t, then you should!”

Richard Toth VOV Blog1When veterans participate in Voice of Valor, most enter the program thinking they do not have the musical experience necessary or that they won’t be able to express themselves, but once they sit down with the welcoming teachers and musicians, this changes.  With the support of these professionals, the participants feel right at home and are able to open up musically, something most of them thought was not even possible.

Richard Toth, who currently lives in Community Hope at the Lyons V.A. Hospital, said, “This is my second time/song I’ve done with Voices of Valor.  When I first heard about it, I was skeptical about the whole thing.  I didn’t think it would work.  Well, was I wrong!  You see, everyone has music inside of them.  It really seems the hardest when you haven’t done much music. The great teachers and musicians that help you bring forth that music are with Voices of Valor.  If you’re not a musical person, and you think you can’t, then you should.  Not only are Voices of Valor good musicians, but they are good people.  Thank you.”

Voices of Valor strives to make all veterans comfortable and confident as they share their memories and experiences of war.  While this may seem difficult, this is why we are here.  We welcome all veterans, any age and background, to share their experiences through music.  Our supportive team of musicians and teachers is here to make this experience as healing as possible.  Just as Richard says, even if you don’t think you have musical ability, this is something you should try!  Everyone has music inside of them, and by joining a Voices of Valor program, you will be able to find that music deep inside you.